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        Our Views: Practical Energy Policy for the Future

        When it comes to public policy on energy, legislation formed today will exert implications well into the future. While our focus as a company is to safely produce and deliver reliable and affordable electricity, we’re also working to help policymakers create informed, practical public policy for California and our nation, based on a thorough understanding of associated costs and tradeoffs.

        All of us in the energy arena need to work together as never before to build a system that benefits all customers. It’s imperative that we get this right.”

        — Pedro J. Pizarro, CEO and President, Edison International


        Pathway 2045

        Pathway 2045 is SCE’s 2019 data-driven analysis of the steps that California must take to meet the 2045 goals to clean our electricity grid and reach carbon neutrality.

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        The Clean Power and Electrification Pathway

        Climate change and air pollution are serious threats that require the transformation of the way energy is produced and used. Read our proposal.

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        Clean Energy Access Working Group

        The Clean Energy Access Working Group was launched through a groundbreaking partnership to help ensure no community is left behind as we move toward a clean energy future. 

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        The Utility of the Future

        More customers are seeking choice in how they manage their energy and the industry is innovating to enable these choices and create a clean energy future.

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        Decommissioning San Onofre

        The long and complex decommissioning process of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station will be guided by three core principles and values.

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